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Jim my rifle is shooting very well, I shot quite a bit two weeks ago. I drove out to the farm in Kansas, and it was averaging a lil over 2" at 703 and a lil over 4" at 1010 I'm very pleased with the results! Thanks again Jim

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Products - Muzzle Brakes

To order a Blast Tamer muzzle brake on-line contact bugholes.com OR you can mail in a check, with the listed retail price, to CSR at my address. Orders are filled weekly, will include instructions for your gunsmith, and will ship USPS priority mail. If you have any questions about the brakes please use this contact page and I will get back to you shortly. Gunsmiths, contact me about discount pricing. -- Jim See

Center Shot Rifles Premier Product The Blast Tamer

The Blast Tamer brake was designed specifically with straight through side ports. The concept of this brake, is to prevent dust and debris from being ejected into the shooters face, and to protect the shooters from the severe concussion/blast effect of traditional angle ported brakes. The benefits of the reduced concussion/blast to the shooter means better groups and no flinching in anticipation of the shock wave. This is accomplished through port geometry that has been extensively tested.

The Blast Tamer will not disappoint, I GUARANTEE IT.

The Blast Tamer muzzle brakes are made of 416SS, and hardened to 30 Rockwell. The benefits of the Blast Tamer: increased recoil reduction, concussion elimination, NO BACK BLAST to the shooter compared to typical angle port, and radial port brakes, and the brake to barrel joint can be tapered and blended for a seamless appearance. The brakes through hole is undersized and will be properly bored when your gunsmith installs it. The Clamp on version is bored per the details below.

Retail pricing:
  • 3 port, $80 shipped
  • 4 port, $90 shipped
  • 3 port clamp style, $115 shipped, install and time yourself on your 5/8x24 class 3A factory thread tennon. Make sure to order the correct brake for your bullet diameter
  • Specify MOD 1. 6mm to 6.5mm
  • Specify MOD 2. for 7mm-308" dia. when ordering
Gunsmiths/Dealer pricing is available, with additional quantity discounts. Use contact page for e-mail derived price list.

Choosing the right size Blast Tamer.

Mini Blast Tamer Brake:
Was designed to fit factory sporter weight barrel contours with muzzle dia. of .620" to .830". I designed this brake to work with magnum cartridges, yet maintain a smaller profile. This design should be perfect for sporter barrels in Standard, WSM and Standard Magnum cartridges. Ideal for small 6mm up to the 300 win mag.

9/16x24tpi, Slabbed model fits muzzle diameter of .620" to .830". (brake is 1" wide and slabbed top to bottom at .850")

5/8x24 tpi, 1" Round model fits muzzle dia from .700" to 1", and can be turned down and blended in straight to the barrel dia. when staying over .850"

The Clamp on 3 port Blast Tamer:
This brake works on anything from the 6XC up to the 300 RUM . 35 to 90 grains of powder capacity is covered pretty well by this user install-able brake.

This user installed slabbed version is perfect for users who switch from brakes to suppressors often. This model fits muzzle dia. of .675" and up to .990" that have a 5/8"x24 tpi existing thread tennon. Just screw it on and level the brake, then tighten the clamp screw to 15 to 25 inch pounds, no more.

Model 6.5 for all bores less than .264" or 6.5mm

Model .308 for all bores less than .308"

(these brakes are 1.25" wide and 1" from top to bottom of slabs, and can not be turned down in dia. Threads are a class 3B gauged with a 3A go/no go.)

The 4 Port Blast Tamer Brakes:
The 4 Port Blast Tamer, is the brake for your next magnum custom rifle build! from all the short mags on up to the 338 Lapua magnum. This brake will give you greater than 50% recoil reduction with no back blast to the shooter, WOW no more flinching with the Blast Tamer

5/8x24 tpi. slabbed model fits muzzle dia. of .685" and up to .950"
(this model is 1.25" wide and 1" from slab top to bottom and can not be turned down.)

3/4x24 tpi. round model fits Muzzle dia. of .830" and up to 1.230"
(this model at 1.25" diameter, can be turned down in diameter to NO smaller than 1.100") also available in 5/8x24 TPI for a limited time.

Blast Tamer Brake Instructions:
Download/View Instructions
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